Higher Relationship by Teresa Konnaris

What is a 'higher relationship', and what does it mean? This book attempts to answer that question by depicting, in poignant words and pictures, the journey we can all embark on into the deepest and most private recesses of our human self.

Higher Relationship is an exploration and celebration of that self in four of its most vital and powerful guises: feminine and masculine, spiritual and sexual. The book rejects long-practised beliefs such as patriarchy which have divided these aspects, leading to feelings of remoteness from our own bodies and psyches and, most disturbingly, a lack of self-love.

Its positive sentiments, lyrical language and wonderfully kaleidoscopic illustrations will guide the reader on a voyage of self-discovery from which s/he will emerge with a new perspective on humanity, sexuality and the male-female divide.

This is a book with poetic writings and illustrations of higher relationship. The sacred process of male and female, on their heart chakra journey of unconditional love. A love that has no place for the conditions we have known in relationships, "A union of the spiritual and the sexual". Male and female meet each other from a free and whole place within themselves, that allows their relationship to push through old limitations. A pure hearted, pure intentioned love. This enables trust and safeness to open and expand their energy centres and fulfill the sacred potential.


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